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I consider myself a foodie, so I don’t take the phrase “The best meal of my life” lightly. I’ve eaten many wonderful meals throughout my lifetime, including a Michelin star restaurant. However, there is one meal that I will (for now) remember as the best meal of my life (and that’s definitely saying something!)

While visiting Nashville for a conference, I met some people who I became friends with and we went to dinner. It was a Saturday night and we had no reservations. We had a couple places in mind and would go to whichever one had the shortest wait. We stopped at Etch first and they had a small table that our party of 3 was happy to take!

Our little table became very crowded when we all had waters, drinks, and appetizers, but we make everything work. When another couple left, the restaurant offered another larger table, so they were very accommodating!


Dessert: peach tart with peach sorbet and a vanilla creme anglaise. Of course, this was at the end of the meal, but it’s fun to think about dessert first! This is everything you want in a nice southern dessert: warm, slightly tangy, with sweet cinnamon.


Beef with cashew butter, a berry chutney, parsnip puree, and lightly fried okra. There were so many elements on the plate and usually when there are that many things, flavors can be lost. Not with Etch, though! I could taste all of the flavors and I have never had a meal where all the flavors complimented each other so nicely.


Salad course and butter tasting. Steak Diane, Taco, truffle tallegio, and ginger cashew butter. What a fun idea to have a butter tasting. These definitely had a higher caliber of flavor and depth. I couldn’t stop eating them.


Yummy cocktail. It was a spiced Sangria. It had a nice fruity and slightly spicy flavor with clove and cardamom. Definitely not just a regular old sangria!

Overall I’d give the meal more than 5 stars if that fit into my rating system. However, my limit is 5 stars, so I’ll give it that. I can’t tell you how wonderful this meal was and how excited I am to share with you the best meal of my life!

What’s been the best meal of your life? Share in the comments!


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