Opinions on food, drink and articles/TV shows involving them


I have a self-professed love for food. My taste includes everything from Taco Bell to foie gras and I enjoy trying new things. I’ll try at least a bite of almost anything just to see what it’s like. My passion for food increased when I moved away from my friends and family for a job and found myself cooking a lot more as I had more time on my hands. Recently, a friend suggested that I start a food blog and it just made sense. The focus of this blog will be the things that I eat and drink, as well as the occasional commentary on food articles or television shows. For me, food and photography go hand in hand. My brother often makes fun of me, saying that I spend more time making my food look pretty for a  picture, than I do eating it. While this is probably true, I like to make food look good. Presentation is certainly a lot of what makes food look appetizing; therefore, pictures will be included as a compensatory rule of mine. My goal is to make you drool and entice your appetite. Let me know if it works!


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