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Pizza Hut’s pizza bites pizza

I saw this article the other day about foods that speed weight loss and was very happy to see that cheese was on the list: http://health.yahoo.net/experts/healthieryou/7-foods-speed-weight-loss. I know that the amount of cheese recommended here is quite small (1 oz.), but at least it’s something. I think of the other foods on the list, such as coffee, green tea, peppers, and almonds as typical weight loss foods that one often hears about in the media. In this article, cheese seemed to be the fully loaded outlier.

I often choose cheese as a snack and now I have more of an excuse to eat it, not that I needed one. I don’t believe that people should deprive themselves of the foods they crave, but moderation is key to anything in life, including food. That being said, I definitely have some weaknesses when it comes to food and cheese is near the top of that list. At any rate, this article was a good excuse to get pizza!

Pizza Hut has a new pizza that I wanted to try: the Cheesy Bites Pizza. I had to try it after a long week. The crust is nice and garlicky, but a bit dry. The sauce that comes with it is definitely necessary to combat the dryness.

When I saw this pizza, I thought, why not just get a stuffed crust pizza? At the same time, food in small portions is incredibly cute and trendy, so why not market it. One thing that sets this pizza apart from a regular stuffed crust pizza is that the cheese is coming out of the cheesy bites and is a little bit charred on the edges. I think that characteristic is what makes this pizza better than a stuffed crust pizza.

I also tried the pizza as leftovers the following day and found that the crust softened, so that it was not as dry as the first day, which improved the taste. Overall, I’ll give it 2.5 starts….pretty good for a commercial pizza!