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“No Sugar” update

So, what’s your favorite sugary treat? Vote here! 

This month, I decided to give up sugar. My husband has also joined me in my venture, so it’s nice to have support. I’ve realized it’s easier to say no, or just acknowledge that there is cake, cookies, brownies, doughnuts, etc. and label them as off limits. Then I grab for fruit or other items because I need some sweetness in my life! Through this experiment, I realized that when I have a small amount of cake or cookies, I just want more because they’re so good and satisfying.

The month was off to a great start for the first week and a  half. Unfortunately, recently things have not gone exactly as planned. I’ve done well at social occasions and with temptations at home and at work. In fact, it’s been easier than I thought to say no to cake at work. During both of the two weeks that I’ve been doing this, at work we were celebrating birthdays (and you know that means lots of cake!) And, to all of this, I said no.

So, what was my downfall? Actually, it was unintentional. Earlier this week, I was sick with a virus or some other bug. I grabbed for soup that was going to make me feel better. In my zombie-like stupor from my cold/virus, I picked up some soup from the grocery store that contained sugar. It wasn’t only that. My throat was sore and I needed to be able to communicate with patients in my career as a speech pathologist, so I grabbed for the *gasp* cough drops! Even the “all natural” cough drops contain honey at the very least. Many of the regular ones have sucralose (yuck!)

I certainly don’t feel like I cheated in any way. I am still continuing for the rest of the month. I do really have a craving for a piece of cake or to bake something with pumpkin in it (’tis the season!) In fact, I’ve already bought some cake batter cookies from Costco to celebrate the end of my “No Sugar September.” Also, my husband found that Trader Joe’s make pumpkin Joe-Joes! Yes, pumpkin Joe-Joes, Trader Joe’s brand of oreos!! So excited to try them. Here’s a pic of my soon to be treats so you can drool with me!



I won’t be continuing the no sugar sentiment into the month of October because it will be my first anniversary with my husband. To celebrate this occasion, we will be getting cake from Charm City Cakes. It’s going to be the same flavor as our wedding cake from there! I’m so excited to have pear spice cake again because it was so good the first time!